Why Is Now The Best Time For Cosmetic Dentistry?


1. Get your confidence back in time for Summer.

Right now, we are approaching the coldest and wettest time of the year. You are most likely going to be spending most of your Winter keeping cosy and comfortable indoors. Instead of being completely lazy (although a little bit of lazy is always a good thing!), you can spend some of your indoor relaxation time researching cosmetic dentistry options at our dentist in Caringbah. If you start discussing options and possibilities with our expert Caringbah dental team now, you may be able to have an improved and enhanced smile before the Summer holiday season rolls around.

2. Don’t be afraid to use annual leave at your workplace.

With most people’s international travel holidays being cancelled over the past 18 months, many office workers and corporate professionals are finding that they have ample annual leave accumulated. If you want to make good use of your annual leave, you can spend some of your time off thinking about what cosmetic dentistry you may be interested in. You can also book a consultation with your Sutherland Shire dentist to discuss what cosmetic dental options may be best suited to you and what you want to achieve.

3. Cosmetic dental treatment is now more advanced than ever before.

At our Caringbah dental clinic, we are committed to offering the best dental technology and equipment to enhance the dental experience for our patients. Our modern tools and innovative dentistry techniques ensure you can obtain safe dental treatment that is minimally invasive, affordable, fast, and effective. There’s never been a better time to seek cosmetic dentistry Caringbah than now.

4. You can now seek cosmetic dentistry with flexible payment options.

If financial restraints have been a factor stopping from you seeking cosmetic dental care in the past, they needn’t be a concern anymore. At our dentist Caringbah, we are committed to making outstanding dental care available and accessible to all the community. Hence, we can offer a range of payment solutions to help families cover the cost of cosmetic dental. This includes buy now, pay later services and acceptance of all major health funds.

5. You deserve the beautiful smile you’ve been longing for you.

An aesthetically pleasing smile can boost your self-confidence and influence your mental wellbeing throughout each day. Some cosmetic dental treatments can also help to restore functionality in your mouth and ensure you can enjoy food and drink just like your peers. No matter what you want to achieve with your smile, our dentists Shire have a treatment option to suit. Our cosmetic dental services include professional teeth whitening, dental veneers, dentures and dental crowns.

To book an appointment and discuss a plan for improving your smile, you can select a date and time through our online booking portal, or you can contact our Sutherland Shire dental team directly on (02) 9525 0595. We are open Monday-Friday with morning appointments on Saturdays.

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The Caringbah Dentists will be deferring all non-essential dental treatment , based on advice from the Australian Dental Association to all dental practices in Greater Sydney.

Starting immediately, we will be deferring non-essential appointments from Saturday 10 July until further notice.

We do apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.

For all patients that have existing appointments, we will be in touch with you as soon as we can to reschedule your appointments.

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All of our dentists will be available to have telephone consults for our patients should you have any concerns. Please call 9525 0595 and our lovely receptionists can organise a time for one of our dentists to call you. This service is at no cost to you. We are here to help as much as we can.

The practice is still open for emergencies and your dentist will be able to advise you, should you need to come in for an appointment.