Why Are Your Gums Bleeding?


If you were a vampire, you might like the taste of blood in your mouth. However, as a normal human, any sort of blood is often a worrying sign. Since noticing blood around your teeth and gums, you have probably started to get quite concerned. Our first piece of advice is to take a big, deep breath.

As friendly dentists in Caringbah, our intention isn’t to frighten you (like the rest of the internet may have already done). We want to provide you with some accurate and realistic information about oral bleeding.

The truth is that there are a number of things that could cause your gums to bleed. For most people, bleeding gums is not a major problem and solutions can easily be found and implemented. The most common reasons for oral bleeding are:

  • Mild gum disease, such as gingivitis
  • Broken or incorrectly fitted dentures
  • Burns from extremely hot food or beverages
  • Lack of professional dental cleaning and maintenance from a quality dentist
  • Hormonal changes during puberty or pregnancy
  • Infection in the teeth or gums
  • Sharp food matter splitting the gums

Of course, it is possible that your bleeding gums are an indication of a slightly more serious complication, such as cancer or disease. But, this is extremely rare and not something you need to be immediately concerned about. Swelling and blood in your gums can almost always be linked to mild gum disease.


What is gum disease?

Gum disease generally occurs as a result of poor hygiene. When plaque becomes stuck for a long period on your gum line (where the gum meets the tooth), it can harden into tartar. Eventually, the tartar causes the surrounding gum area to become inflamed and then bleed. In some alternative cases, gum disease can also be due to hormonal changes or alterations in physical health.

Gingivitis is the most common form of gum disease. More than half of all adults will experience milk gingivitis at some point in their lives, so if the best local dentist indicates that you may have a case of gingivitis, there is no need to be too alarmed.

Thankfully, gingivitis and most other forms of gum disease often heal themselves over time. All you need to do is keep your oral health in tip-top shape and allow some time for the gums to recover. You will also benefit largely from booking a dental cleaning treatment from a trusted and popular dentist near you. Professional dentists will be able to identify areas of problematic plaque build-up and assist with eliminating the tough tartar.

Periodontitis is a more serious form of gum disease that often develops after gingivitis is left untreated. Unfortunately, periodontitis can cause some permanent damage and be difficult, if not impossible, to reverse. Because periodontitis attacks the bones supporting each tooth, people with the disease may experience tooth loss.


What does good oral hygiene involve?

As we have mentioned, the best way to avoid bleeding gums is to maintain good oral health. Don’t worry – we aren’t expecting you to dedicate 24 hours of your day towards nourishing and polishing your teeth. Keeping a healthy mouth shouldn’t consume more than five minutes of your day, which is probably a shorter time than you spend in the shower. If you give care to cleaning the rest of your body, it’s only fair that your smile gets some attention too.

Some of the main actions you should be taking to keep your mouth in order include:

  • Brush your teeth twice per day for at least two minutes each time.
  • Change your toothbrush whenever the bristles start to bend or break (or every six months at minimum).
  • Floss between your teeth with dental-grade floss.
  • Flush your mouth with quality mouthwash.
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of foods from every food group.
  • Attend your local dental clinic for a check-up every six months.


Can any dentists in the Shire help with bleeding gums?

Absolutely! Any knowledgeable dentist should be able to assist if you are experiencing bleeding gums. The gentle dental surgeons at Caringbah Dentist will carry out the following process to put an end to any unsightly blood.

  1. The Caringbah cheap dental clinic will need to conduct a comprehensive oral examination to investigate what may be causing your bleeding gums. The examination is mostly non-intrusive and does not cause any pain.
  2. Your trusted dentist will explain what they deem to be the reason behind your oral bleed. They will also present you with a course of action to solve the issue.
  3. It is likely that our dental clinic in Southern Sydney will recommend a dental clean and scale to assist with quick gum recovery.
  4. You may be advised to return for a secondary dental check-up within the next month to ensure inflammation is reducing at an acceptable rate.

With the expertise and experience of the South Sydney dental team, you can rest assured that a safe and effective solution will be found for your bleeding gums. Contact our team today.


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