The Caringbah Dentists Have Moved! Everything You Need To Know About Our New Location


Friends and patients, welcome to our website. In case you missed it, we’ve recently moved to an exciting new location that offers the community a range of benefits our Caringbah Dentist is proud to provide.

You can now find us at 172A Willarong Road, Caringbah. We opened our doors here for the first time on the first of November 2021 and it’s been a fantastic month and a half, welcoming old faces and meeting new ones along the way.

One reason we decided to transition to a new and improved dental clinic was because we wanted to offer you super-convenient hours that fit in with your busy schedule. Since the move, our dentist Sutherland Shire has now extended its hours on Wednesday from 8am to 7pm, plus we’ve boosted our Thursday and Friday hours to now run from 8am to 5pm. It brings a smile to our faces that it’s now easier for you to access an appointment before or after work or school.

We remain open six days a week, but now have multiple dental practitioners working on the Saturday, meaning it’s easier for you to fit in an appointment at our bulk billing dentist Caringbah during your weekends.

Let’s have a look at three other benefits according to your feedback:

  • Our best vibe yet! Our new dental clinic embodies our community-first, family-oriented values. It’s a welcoming space, where our patients can be comfortable. We’re proud to move away from the stuffily formal vibe of ‘traditional’ waiting rooms. You can feel relaxed at our Caringbah dentist – both while you wait and during your appointment.
  • Ground-level entry and wheelchair-access.
  • Superior street parking so you can be confident you’ll find a spot. We also have multiple parking spaces out the back of the premises for your longer appointments.

We see a move as a terrific opportunity to reconsider how we can be doing things in a way that best aligns with our values. We’ve taken the opportunity to increase the environmental sustainability of The Caringbah Dentists.

Did you know that the health industry is a significant contributor to both landfill and emissions? We won’t settle for that at our Shire dentist. We’re not willing to settle for the status quo. As a leading dentist in Caringbah, we want to trailblaze the way for dentists in the Shire when it comes to our green future.

Our new building is powered by solar panels, reducing our reliance on the grid, and harnessing the power of the sun. Our dentist Shire has reduced its plastic waste and now, instead of using plastic cups, we’re using stainless steel cups in the foyer (and following rigorous COVID-19 protocols).

Long-term, we have even bigger plans as we embrace sustainability. We have a vision to install a Tesla charging station and to partner with a program that enables our patients to bring in their old toothbrushes for them to be properly recycled.

We can’t wait welcome you to our new clinic and we hope you love our dentist near me as much as we do. To book an appointment with The Caringbah Dentists during our convenient expanded hours, call our team on (02) 9525 0595 or email See you soon!


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