Saying the word dentist is enough to make most people squirm. Something as simple as an oral hygiene check-up can often leave children howling with their arms crossed.

Adults are often so frightened from their painful childhood experiences that they do not return for teeth check-ups at all in their later years. Many people in the community would prefer tooth aches and pains rather than the discomforting prodding and poking that occurs at the dentist.

Upon leaving a dental surgery, either with wailing children dragging their feet or tears rolling down our own cheeks, many of us wonder: do dentists actually need to be that rough?

The quick answer is no. A visit to your local dentist or dental surgery should allow you to feel clean and fresh, not regretful.

Here are six signs that your dentist is too brutal with you and your teeth.

  1. You or your child leave in tears.

Let’s cut straight to the point: dentists that leave you blubbing are hasty and rash. If they try to convince you otherwise, they are lying.

Your dentist should always be patient whilst attending to you. When examining your mouth, they should be continually evaluating your levels of comfort. If you are experiencing unbearable stings or pricks, the dentist should stop prodding and allow you to relax and recuperate. When the pain is too powerful, you should be provided with anaesthetic to numb the mouth.

Although many of us search for a quick dentist appointment, it is often the fast dentists that cause the most pain. The best dentist in Sydney will ensure they balance speed with comfort.

  1. Your bank account is run dry.

The pain suffered from some dental trips is not only physical. Some Sydney dentists can inflict a hurtful stab into your wallet too. In the modern era, dental payment plans and budget dentists are leading the way in client satisfaction.

There are cheap dentists in the Cronulla area, so do not waste your hard-earned cash on an oral surgeon that is merely trying to rip you off. Consider engaging with a dentist that offers tailored financial plans to meet your requirements.

  1. They continue to refer you externally.

Good dentists in The Shire know that sending their clients to other companies for additional teeth services is frustrating and wasteful of their time.

A comprehensive dentist will offer a number of services under one roof: standard teeth check-ups, replacement of missing teeth, sedation, tooth removal, tooth implants, cosmetic services and teeth whitening.

Additionally, they will provide emergency dental appointments and night-time dentist appointments for full time workers.

  1. They tell you off for not brushing well enough.

Instead of just fixing the problem at hand, most dentists turn to blaming you for the issues. Receiving a lecture from the dentist is embarrassing and condescending.

Modern, friendly dentists will communicate respectfully to you and refrain from awkward talking-tos.

  1. They try to sell you things you do not need.

Dodgy dentists may try to upsell services to you that you do not need. Alternatively, you may feel as though they have misjudged the treatment required on your teeth.

A qualified and trusted dental doctor will thoroughly analyse your oral needs and only recommend procedures or action that is 100% necessary. The best dentists in Caringbah will provide evidence-based advice and informed decisions.

  1. You are terrified to return.

Attending the dentist should never be a traumatising experience. To ensure you are being well looked after, you should choose a dentist that is experienced, approachable and comforting.

The best dentists for kids will also understand the most appropriate methods to manage children and keep them comfortable during their child dental check-up.

A revolution in dentistry.
In a progressive world where excellent client service is crucial, word-of-mouth is quickly spreading about the best dental practitioners in New South Wales.

One of the most popular dental practices in Southern Sydney is The Caringbah Dentists. The family dental clinic is only a five minute walk from Caringbah train station, or you can park out the front of the practice.

The team at Caringbah offer a variety of dental services, including:

  • General dentistry check-ups
  • Teeth removal, including wisdom teeth removal
  • Children’s dentist needs, including cheap mouth guards and night guards
  • Cosmetic dentistry, including cheap teeth whitening and dental veneers
  • Restorative dentistry, including tooth fillings and root canal therapy
  • Oral hygiene treatments
  • Periodontal treatments, including gum disease treatment and cheap gingivitis treatment
  • Assistance with anti-snoring and sleep apnoea

Dr Ram and Dr Rowan are qualified dentists who have assisted clients with their oral needs for over 50 years. The pair are considered to be enablers of great dentist experiences.

To get in touch with the friendly team at Caringbah Dentists, contact the office by phoning (02) 9525 0595. The administrative staff will happily accommodate for you, offering out-of-hours dentist appointments and weekend dental appointment options.