My Teeth are Discoloured: How Can I Make Them White Again?

My teeth are discoloured how can I make them white again

We would all love a perfectly white smile, but it is common for our teeth to become discoloured over time for various reasons such as staining and enamel erosion. 

Fortunately, there are several solutions for those who would like to make their teeth white and bright again, so that they can restore confidence in their smile. In this article, the Caringbah Dentists will be explaining common treatments for teeth whitening at your Sutherland Shire dentist.

Tooth whitening in Caringbah

It’s in the name! Teeth whitening is the most straightforward and effective way to address discolouration of your teeth, particularly when teeth are discoloured simply due to staining over time, and you do not have another health issue that will make whitening inadvisable (which is something your Shire dentist can assess).

So, how does it work? Firstly, the Caringbah dentist will apply a specially prepared bleaching gel to your teeth, after protecting your lips and gums with a guard. The whitening agent will then be activated by UV light. At our dental clinic in Caringbah, we allow you to ‘Netflix and bleach’, that is, watch TV as your whitening takes place in the clinic.

Or would you rather whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home? We also offer Phillips Zoom 2 whitening kits that you can take home.

Dental veneers

If tooth whitening isn’t working for you or you are looking for a longer-lasting solution, then dental veneers may be the fix. Teeth whitening is quicker and more immediate, and therefore may be most appropriate for an upcoming event, such as a wedding.

However, veneers allow even more precise control over the result as you can see the shade in advance, and they work most effectively in instances of intensive staining. They can also mask minor issues with shape, such as chipped or cracked teeth, or crooked teeth.

So, what exactly are dental veneers and why might you get them at your dentist near me? Dental veneers are a thin layer that your Caringbah dentist attaches to the front of the teeth at the front of the mouth. They are typically made of either porcelain or ceramic materials, with porcelain typically being the more expensive option. They are a highly popular solution for a whiter, brighter smile.

If you think veneers might be for you, book an appointment with our Caringbah Dentist to discuss them in greater depth and find out whether you are eligible.

Are there other solutions for whiter teeth?

There is plenty you can do to keep your teeth white in the first place. This includes following a regular and appropriate oral hygiene routine, which your bulk billing dentist Caringbah can help you to establish, and limiting your consumption of staining food and drink (such as coffee) and sugary food and drink (such as lollies) which can lead to tooth decay.

Dental crowns may also be appropriate in cases where you have more extensive damage or deformity in your teeth that veneers cannot address.

To achieve white teeth, contact The Caringbah Dentists today at 02 9525 0595. We’d love to work with you to achieve your smile goals. 


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