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Do you participate in basketball, football, gymnastics, boxing, wrestling, skydiving, skateboarding, or any other active sports? If yes, it is recommended highly recommended that you wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth and the soft tissues of your mouth.

Some of the most common sports injuries include injuries to the mouth, teeth and jaw. Mouth guards can help protect your teeth and gums.

Consult with The Caringbah Dentists to choose the right type of mouth guard for you. It is important to pick the right mouthguard because the effectiveness varies.

It is not just about picking a mouthguard that fits your mouth perfectly but it must also offer great shock absorption. The mouth guard must also be thin enough to make it easy to breathe, talk, or drink fluids while wearing them. If you wear braces, you need to be especially careful to choose the right mouthguard.

custom mouth guard caringbah


Natural Looking

Entirely invisible and non-intrusive to appearance.

Pain Free

Relatively pain-free.


22 hours each day

Easy to use.

It is a comprehensive, stress-free solution for improving your smile.

Sports related dental injuries

Dental injuries are usually of four different types: fracture, avulsion, intrusion, and luxation. All of these injuries can happen during sports. Fracture includes breaking and chipping of the teeth. When an entire tooth is knocked out completely, it is called avulsion. When the tooth is still inside the socket, but it is positioned wrongly, it is called luxation. Intrusion injury happens when the tooth is pushed up into the gums.

All of these injuries can be prevented to a significant extent by wearing the right type of mouth guards.

Grinding of the teeth

Bruxism is a condition where you unconsciously clench and grinding your teeth mostly while asleep. This grinding of the teeth can lead to wear and tear, abnormal bite, and other complications of the teeth. Anti-bruxism night guards can provide relief by reducing the grinding and clenching that happens during the night.

Benefits of a custom fit mouth guard

The following are some of the benefits of well-made mouthguards that fit your mouth perfectly.

  • A custom fit mouthguard has adequate thickness and offers the best level of protection
  • It absorbs shock and provide a thick physical barrier between the upper and lower teeth, and between the mouth and external objects of contact
  • A good quality custom of guard reduces the risk of soft tissue injury, broken teeth, and jaw injuries
  • Mouthguards fit comfortably thus allowing for uninhibited breathing and talking
  • Whether you are a child participating in sports or a professional athlete, you can find a custom mouthguard that offers you the best protection

To learn more about whether you are a good candidate for mouth guards, call us and schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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