Kids’ Gap Free Dentistry

Kids’ Gap Free Dentistry

Children’s Dentist Caringbah

Here at The Caringbah Dentists, we pride ourselves on being a great dental experience for your little ones! As a family-focused clinic we strive to make the environment as welcoming as possible, to create positive memories for your children.

Children, much like adults, can suffer from many different dental issues. The most common dental affliction for young children who still have baby teeth are cavities, and tooth decay. Children can also experience bouts of bad breath, brought on from periods of bad oral hygiene. This is where we come in, not just as experienced professionals who can help your children fix the problem, but also as guides- teaching you and your children how to better care for teeth long term.

Getting your children used to maintaining good oral hygiene habits early on in their life helps them grow up with both good habits, and a healthy set of teeth. Our friendly dentists and dental assistants make sure to not just treat your children, but also to teach them. It is never too early to begin teaching your children good oral hygiene. In fact, good behaviours learnt when they’re young tend to stick much better throughout the rest of their lives! The Caringbah Dentists love being involved in teaching your young ones about good oral hygiene, and showing them how to implement fun habits as young as possible.

Ideally the first time we see your young one should be just before they turn 1 year old, or whenever the first tooth is about to come through, so we can get a head start on making sure it’s all fine! It’s also important that your child gets their baby teeth checked out at least once a year, as cavities in baby teeth hurt just as much as in adult teeth!


Gap Free Dental Care

The Caringbah Dentists offer gap free check ups if you have a health fund card, and in fact, we’re so good we’re an NIB preferred provider! We aim to be the best children’s dentist in Caringbah, offering affordable, transparent services. We believe that good dentistry is for everyone, which is why we focus on making it affordable for all.

The Caringbah Dentists are a family-focused, community business. We truly believe in serving the community, so we’re completely transparent with our pricing, and we’re here to provide every parent with sound advice on what they can do at home to help their little ones develop good habits. All of our friendly dentists and dental assistants are capable of helping parents with advice, and are on hand to provide guidance should you have any teething issues! We also understand how stressful it can be for some children to visit the dentist, and so we have created a warm, welcoming, and fun environment for them.

In line with our policy of transparency, the below are the prices for children’s dentistry services, for every age bracket that your child may be in:

  • If your child is 0 -5 years old then the cost for a check up is ……. $95
  • If your child is 6 -11 years old then the cost for a check up is ...…$110
  • If your child is 12- 16 years old then the cost for a check up is….$130
  • If your child is 16- 18 years old then the cost for a check up is… $150

As well as general check ups, The Caringbah Dentists also specialise in two different types of dental care for kids: precautionary care, and restorative dental care.

Precautionary care

Precautionary care, or preventative care as some people know of it, is taking care of teeth before any problems arise! This is an especially good approach for children, as trips to the dentist aren’t associated with painful tooth aches, and potentially unpleasant remedial treatments! We also have plans to pre-emptively protect your children’s baby teeth, as they are susceptible to decay.

Having a regular dental appointment with your favourite Caringbah Dentist and dental assistant means that we can all stay on top of your child’s dental health, ensuring as little room for toothache aches as possible! In addition, our friendly teams will be able to advise both you and your children on how best to care for their teeth. We also counsel them on how junk food and sugary drinks can hurt their teeth. Of course, we always go over the importance of daily brushing!

Restorative dental care

Should your child be experiencing a cavity, a tooth ache, or some decay- not to fret, that’s where our restorative dental care treatments come in! We strive to be the best restorative dentist in Caringbah, taking care of whatever issue your child may be experiencing.

Through many years of practise we know all of the different types of issues your children may be experiencing with their teeth, and we are quick to diagnose and treat. We focus on taking diligent, gentle care of your young ones, to get them as pain free quickly as possible, in the most comfortable way we can. We take extra care to make sure your child feels safe and not distressed.

If you are looking for a child friendly dental clinic, visit us at The Caringbah Dentists, we can’t wait to meet you!

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