Hygiene Treatments


Hygiene Treatments

Ensuring dental hygiene is a vital aspect of maintaining healthy and attractive teeth and gums for life. With routine dental check-ups and hygiene treatments at The Caringbah Dentists, you can have a great smile and a perfect set of teeth that you can be proud of.

We recommend a dental visit and cleaning once every 6 months. Oral hygiene requirements can change with your age as well as the condition of your gums and teeth.

Our dental hygienists will clean your teeth using special instruments that remove plaque completely from the teeth and even underneath the gum line. After the cleaning is done, your teeth are polished to make them look and feel great. Polishing also makes the teeth surface smooth so plaque is less likely to accumulate.

hygiene treatments

The importance of oral hygiene

If you maintain good dental hygiene practices, you will be able to prevent gum diseases and keep tooth decay at bay. While it is important to practice good dental hygiene at home, you must also regularly come in for a dental cleaning and check-up.

Failing to do a thorough cleaning of the teeth and mouth is the primary cause of bad breath in most people. Even the most scrupulous brushing and flossing may not be able to reach awkwardly positioned back teeth where food debris accumulate and decay is often caused.

Our dentists and hygienists at The Caringbah Dentists are committed to helping you achieve and maintain a white and dazzling smile and no bad breath.

Healthy gums

Healthy gums are required to maintain healthy teeth. During your dental consultation, our dentist will conduct gingival pocket exam to determine whether you are at risk for gum diseases. Deep gingival pockets may indicate the presence of gum diseases that require treatment.

Getting rid of bad breath

Bad breath can not only be embarrassing, but it can also be an indicator of other underlying dental health and hygiene issues. We provide halitosis treatment options that treat the root cause of the problem. Sometimes getting rid of bad breath may just be about improving your oral hygiene habits and receiving the appropriate dental treatments that you require.

If you suspect that you have bad breath, confirm it by asking a close friend to check. Since the unpleasant odour could be due to tooth decay or gum diseases, it is important to have persistent bad breath evaluated by a dentist.

If you want to schedule a dental cleaning, call our friendly team and fix an appointment at your convenience.

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