Dentist haters: block your ears.

Making an effort to attend your local dentist clinic on a regular basis is important, whether you like to hear it or not. Having ongoing check-ups and hygiene treatments will keep your teeth healthy and pain-free.

In most cases, the frequency of your dental visits depends on the nature of your teeth. If your mouth is prone to being problematic, your dentist may suggest that you book appointments more regularly. Children, for example, tend to have issues with the growth of their jaw or movement of their teeth. When this is the case, they should be seeking analysis or treatment with a good children’s dentist whenever they experience problems.

In general, most Sydney dental surgeries will recommend that you see your dentist at least once every six months as an adult. This timeframe will enable you to maintain clean teeth and be notified of any issues not long after they arise.

However, never leave an ache or pain until your half yearly dentist appointment. Emergency dental treatment is available and should be made use of whenever there is a serious and obvious problem occurring in the mouth.

What happens if you do not visit the dentist often?

Ditching your dentist appointment is a short-term gain for long-term pain – literally! People who avoid regular cleans and check-ups from their dentist will encounter a multitude of issues. Most avid dental avoiders will suffer with:

  • Tooth stains.

If the white from your smile is deteriorating, it could be a signal that you are not seeing your dentist enough. The most popular dentists in Sydney provide teeth whitening services as well as general dentistry check-ups. Even the dirtiest teeth can be corrected with effective teeth whitening.

  • Tooth decay.

Brushing and flossing your teeth twice every day will help to reduce build-up of plaque in your mouth. Although, no matter how hard you scrub, it will not usually remove all bacteria. The only certain way to rid your jaw of plaque is with a thorough dentist clean.

  • Gum disease.

Got bad breath? We might have the answer. When tooth decay gets out of hand, it can turn itself into gum diseases such as gingivitis. These conditions are harmful and painful, so it is best to avoid them by visiting your local dentist every six months.

  • Serious medical conditions.
    When you attend your dental appointments, your dentist will do more than clean your gums. Whilst examining your smile, they will also ensure you have not attracted any conditions such as oral cancer. Identifying these concerns is better done earlier rather than later.

The most common reasons that people will avoid their dentist check-up include:

  • It is too expensive for them.
  • They dislike the experience of having their teeth checked.
  • They worry that one check-up will lead to multiple follow ups and extensive procedures.

Although these are typical and unfortunate occurrences at dodgy dentists, they can be avoided if you choose to attend a modern and progressive dental clinic.

The most popular dentists in The Shire offer Affordable dental services and dentist payment plans to suit your financial circumstances. They will not overcharge you for the service they provide, and they will not encourage you to have procedures that you do not need.

The best dentists in Sydney will also ensure that your appointments are comfortable, and there is no unnecessary pain experienced on your behalf. Many inexperienced or rushed dentists will be too hasty when examining your mouth, but there are ways of identifying whether your dentist is being too harsh. Your dentist should be gentle at all stages of your check-up and hygiene clean.

The bottom line.

No excuses.


Your teeth are the defining feature of your face and overall appearance. Everybody wants a sparkly smile, and the people who achieve that are the ones who never skip a dental appointment.

Once you are in the habit of booking and attending your bi-annual dental check-ups, you will find that they can easily slot into your day-to-day life. Some people find that it is easiest to visit a trusted family dental clinic where parents and kids can have their check-up completed on the same day.

Ultimately, your dentist appointments will not be painful or annoying after you discover an efficient, yet gentle, dentist. The Caringbah dentists are renowned in Southern Sydney for their careful and considerate dental services that ensure your family receive optimal treatment in a comfortable environment.

If you have not visited a dentist for some time, there is no need to be fearful of an awkward or embarrassing lecture whilst you are strapped to the dentist’s chair. Caringbah’s dental practice in The Shire upholds respect for each and every client, regardless of their background or teeth condition.

To book an appointment with New South Wales’ best dentist, contact the trusted team today and choose a time or day that works for you.