How much does it cost to see the dentist?


Our teeth serve many purposes. Not only do they allow us to eat, but they are a central feature of our face and can influence our entire appearance.

Considering teeth are so important and impactful, it is surprising that a large number of people do not take the adequate time to care for them. However, there are reasons why members of the public have not attended a dental clinic in multiple years: worry of a rough dentist, lack of time, and not wanting to pay the cost.

In fact, the biggest reason why most people stop attending the dentist is because of financial strain. Some people simply do not want to spend the money, and others simply cannot fit the cost of a dental appointment into their budget.

On average, a standard dental check-up and hygiene treatment can cost anywhere between $60-$200, depending on your age and unique needs. Though, it is often believed that the dental clinics charging beyond $150 for a check-up are being unfair to their clients.

Other services, such as cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, mouth and night guards, white fillings, dental veneers, crowns and bridges, wisdom teeth removal, and other treatments, will cost more. Intricate or ongoing procedures can end up costing thousands of dollars.

Thankfully, many modern dentists in Southern Sydney are adapting their practices to ensure that people from all walks of life can have a fair opportunity to obtain oral care. Some of the initiatives being introduced by local dentists include: cheap dental services, flexible dental payment plans and tailoring solutions and procedures based on budget.


Are there payment plan dentists?

Absolutely! Not every dentist will be happy to place your fees onto a payment plan, although the very best dentists in Sydney are offering it at no extra cost. Family dentists who are truly passionate about the services they provide will always be willing to offer payment plans if it helps the client involved.

The Caringbah dentist, for example, can arrange a plan that suits your unique financial situation. We can discuss costings and instalments before you have your appointment so that you aren’t thrusted into a pay schedule that doesn’t suit you.


What if you don’t have private health insurance?

If you want to receive slightly cheaper dental fees, you could benefit from taking out private health insurance. However, it is important that you thoroughly read over your policy document and become familiar with the terms of your insurance. Oral care is a vital part of your overall health and wellbeing, so it makes sense to include it in your cover.

While private health insurance can be helpful, it is not critical. In fact, some people believe that it is ultimately cheaper for them not to be covered for dental work. Some private health insurance policies fail to provide adequate cover for dental works, anyway.

Good dentists in The Shire are happy to provide their services to both insured and non-insured clients. At the Caringbah Dentist, we will deliver the best prices possible to ensure you can afford dental treatment when you need it.


Lock some money away.

There are some easy tricks that many families use to help save for important things. If you struggle to save your money, we recommend opening a dental savings account with your bank. Every month or week, you can transfer some of your salary into the bank account. Depending on the fine details with your bank, your money may be able to earn interest over time and assist you even further with paying off your dental clinic prices. Even without gaining interest, it is still a sensible way to lock some money away which can be used every six months for a dental check-up.


Dentistry is an investment, not a cost.

For many people, it can be tempting to avoid the dentist for as long as possible and only see them when there is an oral emergency. Unfortunately, steering clear of the dentist in the short-term is actually only increasing your bill in the long-term.

By visiting your dentist for regular biannual check-ups, you can be certain that all precautionary measures are being taken to stop any major damage from occurring down the line. The cost of getting a check-up and hygiene treatment every six months is much cheaper than the cost of serious dental surgery.

We strongly believe that dental check-ups are an investment, rather than a cost. As well as saving you financially, it can stop you from suffering much physical and emotional pain.

If you would like to get in touch with an affordable dentist in The Shire, you can contact the friendly team at the Caringbah Dentist for assistance. We guarantee great prices and superior service.




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