How can you encourage your kid to enjoy the dentist?

Children’s Dentist

Almost every parent has experienced the wail of a child as you pull up to a dental clinic. It is a commonly known fact that children do not like medical professionals poking and prodding in their mouth. Let’s be real – most adults do not like it either.

To assist your journey of finding a gentle children’s dentist, we have outlined the following steps for uncovering a quality clinic.


  1. Work with a dentist that specialises in child dentistry.

Children’s dentistry is often more complex than adult dentistry. A growing mouth and an established mouth can be extraordinarily different and require a completely different type of care. On top of that, children can be more sensitive to pain and discomfort compared to adults, which means they require a dentist that can be patient and caring towards their developing smile. Before selecting a dentist for your child, you should specifically ask the dentist if they have a wealth of experience working with children.

  1. Choose a local dentist near you.

The car ride on the way to the dental surgery can be where most of your child’s dental anxiety builds up. Before you and your child even reach the destination, there could be cries of fear. Hence, it makes sense for you to choose a dentist that is in close proximity to your home. Less car panic time = a more relaxed kiddo in the waiting room.

  1. Test the dentist yourself before sending your children there.

You can conduct a lot of online research prior to selecting a dentist. However, the only real way to know a dentist’s quality and worth is by making an appointment and experiencing their treatments firsthand. If you are concerned that the dentist is going to be rough or rude, you might like to attend a check-up yourself before sending your children there.

  1. Take your child before or after school.

Some children get particularly upset when attending the dentist because they are being dragged out of school to do so. (Yes, believe it or not, but some kids actually want to be in school!) The best dentists in Sydney offer after-hours appointments so that your child’s check-up does not mean they are missing important schooling hours. Most kid dentists in Southern Sydney will be happy to book your child in at a time that suits their busy school schedule.

  1. Consider having back-to-back check-ups with your children.

Most family dentists will allow you, as the parent, to have joint appointments with your children. This means that your child can watch you having your check-up and feel more comfortable when their time comes around. Children are known to be a sponge of their surrounds, so if you encompass a cool and chillaxed attitude, they are likely to do the same.

  1. Pick a Sydney dental clinic that offers payment plans.

Many children encounter issues with how their adult teeth are developing and the overall hygiene of their mouth. Even if your kid is having no current oral problems, it is likely that they will come across some form of problem during their childhood. To prepare for this, you should choose a dentist that offers flexible dental payments and cheap dentist services. Most modern dentists in The Shire understand that raising a family is financially challenging, and they will recommend a payment plan that adheres to your particular needs.

  1. Stay in the room.

Young children might need a reassuring handhold to calm them down in the dental chair. The best dentists for kids in The Shire will encourage you to join them in the examination room in order to keep them calm.

  1. Do not talk poorly about dentist trips.

As we mentioned before, children will soak up the vibes around them. If you are acting or speaking negatively of a dentist, your children will automatically express the same opinion. Use a positive tone and language to encourage them that the dentist is a safe and fruitful space.


Our team could be the solution to your woes.

If you live in or nearby The Shire, our gentle dental team might be able to help your family. We are a family-centric dental clinic, which means we specialise in children’s dentistry. In fact, a large chunk of our client base are under the age of 18.

Many Sydney families attend our dental clinic and reap the benefits of dealing with a modern and caring dentist. Our focus is on your children’s wellbeing, so we will never behave in a manner that makes them feel uncomfortable or pained.

The Caringbah Dentist is a popular dental clinic for children in Southern Sydney. To find out more about our service offering, you can contact one of our friendly team members.


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