Healthy and unhealthy food choices for your teeth


As any Dentist Sutherland Shire will tell you, the health of your teeth is related to the types of foods and drinks you consume.

Nutrition has a huge impact on oral health, because our teeth depend on certain vitamins and minerals to stay strong and because the act of eating certain foods can either help to clean our teeth or lead to tooth decay or damage.

In this article your Caringbah Dentist will provide a crash course in what foods you should be eating and what foods you should avoid for optimum oral health.

What foods and drinks should I eat to ensure health teeth?

  • The calcium and phosphates in dairy products such as milk, yoghurt and cheese help to strength your teeth and restore healthy mineral levels that can contribute to stronger enamel.
  • Fruits and veggies that are high in fibre. These help to ensure healthy saliva production that keeps teeth clean and equipped with necessary minerals. The act of eating crunchy fruit and vegetables can also help to ‘clean’ the teeth of plaque.
  • Foods that are high in protein, such as meat, nuts and legumes. Protein contains phosphorous which plays an important role in restoring tissues and in strengthening teeth and the jaw.
  • Sugarless chewing gum can be good in moderation, in favour of snacking, as it removes food from between the teeth and generates saliva.
  • Any foods containing fluoride. This may include spinach, grapes, potatoes, seafood, or poultry products.
  • Tea and coffee can stain teeth, but green and black teas may sometimes contain what is known as polyphenols which can eliminate plaque bacteria.

What foods and drinks should I avoid?

  • Sugary foods and drinks. This includes sweets and lollies that you suck on, which spend longer in your mouth and around your teeth. It also includes soft drinks and some juices. The vitamins of juice can be good for you, but make sure you are buying a genuine juice and not an imitation-juice product.
  • Foods that get caught in your teeth. This is commonly true of foods that are high in starch such as potato chips or white bread.
  • Foods that are firm and may potentially cause chipping, cracking or fractures. This can include popcorn, particularly unpopped kernels.
  • Alcohol as it can dry the mouth and reduce the circulation of saliva.
  • Acidic foods which can cause erosion of your teeth. This might even include healthy foods such as pickles, tomatoes, or certain berries.
  • Coffee, tea, red wine and other staining food and drink. This can include some rich spice dishes.

If you require further advice from your dentist near me on what foods to avoid, or if you wish to make cosmetic or functional improvements to your teeth, we recommend that you contact a Bulk Billing Dentist Caringbah such as the Caringbah Dentists. Our popular, community-focused dentist in Caringbah is a dentist Shire that puts your needs first. Simply contact us on (02) 9525 0595 or book online.


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