In the era of influencers and digital fame, everybody desires a beautiful smile. Having a white, straight grin can hugely impact our lives for the better.

Although few of us like to admit that we are shallow, the reality is that appearance can largely impact the way we view others, or the way we are viewed by the world. You should not have to feel self-conscious about your mouth and smile, however many of us do because we feel the pressure of society around us.

Ultimately, a stunning smile can improve our lives in various ways, including outcomes that do not even relate to our appearance:

  • You will feel more confident overall.
  • You will be able to enjoy food more.
  • You will be less likely to experience oral pains.

Regardless of your genetics and natural oral appearance, there are methods that anybody can use to improve their smile. Some of these methods are easy to self-implement, however others might require specialised assistance from a good dental surgeon or hygienist.

1. Eat a healthy, balanced diet.

The easiest way to maintain good oral health is by consuming a healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables, in particular, will provide your body with important vitamins and minerals to keep your gums healthy. Calcium, which comes from dairy foods, will keep your teeth as strong as possible.

Unfortunately, foods that are high in sugar can eventually rot your teeth and destroy your chances of a long-lasting white smile. Tooth decay is actually caused by acids that come about due to sugary beverages and snacks.

Don’t panic too much – we are not asking you cancel out biscuits and chocolate forever. It is okay to eat some snacks and treats, but they should not form the foundations of your everyday eating. Water, fruits, vegetables and whole grains should make up majority of your diet.

It is crucial to understand that eating healthy will do more than just improving your smile. It will also enhance your overall wellbeing and ensure that you can enjoy an energetic and lively lifestyle.

2. Get regular dental checks done by a reliable dentist.

Seeing your dentist on a consistent basis is vital for an admirable smile. Good dentists will never lecture you about oral health… instead they will provide information and friendly advice as required.

When you book in for a dental check-up, you can also request for a hygiene treatment to be completed. Dental hygienists can ensure that difficult-to-reach plaque and bacteria is removed. Even if you brush twice a day, there are certain areas of your teeth that you may miss. Hence, you need to see a qualified hygienist to clean, scale and polish your pearly gems.

Scheduling bi-annual dental appointments means that your dentist will be able to identify any problems and concerns before they result in significant damage to your mouth. It is always better to fix an issue as soon as it arises, rather than after it has had time to intensify.

3. Consider cosmetic dental procedures.

Cosmetic dental treatments are becoming more and more popular across Australia. Professional teeth whitening is a popular form of treatment which can ultimately make your teeth up to ten shades whiter. The procedure is relatively non-intrusive and cheap teeth whitening options are available from modern dental surgeries. Dental veneers, otherwise known as porcelain veneers, are another cosmetic option to cover stains and discolouration.

Many dentists in Southern Sydney provide cosmetic treatments alongside their standard dental services. It is important that you only work with experienced and qualified dental surgeons, so that the outcome of your treatment is certain to be positive.

4. Get dental repair works completed.

In many cases, an undesirable smile is a result of damaged or broken teeth. Restorative dentistry is the key solution for repairing teeth that have been smashed or spoiled.

Popular restorative dentistry often involves white fillings, dentures or root canal therapy. For those with tooth decay or cavities, fillings can be a suitable solution to restore the functionality of your teeth. If you have missing teeth, dentures will effectively fill the gaps and replace the lost teeth. Alternatively, severe circumstances of decay might require root canal therapy.

Need some further information?

If you are 100% committed to improving your smile, then the best person to talk to is your local dentist. The best dentists will be able to provide you with ample information regarding healthy eating, cosmetic procedures, and dental repair.

As a popular dental surgery in the Shire, we have a wealth of experience assisting clients to repair or enhance their smile. We provide gentle dental check-ups and a full spectrum of cosmetic services. If you want to start on the road to a better smile, you can get in touch with our team by calling us on (02) 9525 0595 today.