Spoiler alert: this article could result in you booking a dental appointment.

To have reached this page, you have most likely been Googling something like…

“How do I fix a toothache?”

“My mouth is in pain, what should I do?

“Why is my mouth sore and how can I stop it?”

There is one simple answer to all of those common queries. It could be the very answer you are trying to avoid. However, it is the only solution that will offer you genuine and long-lasting relief from your problem.

Drum roll…

You need to see your best local dentist.

Believe it or not, regular dental check-ups are important for both your oral and overall health. Attending your dentist does not have to be a traumatic experience, so long as you choose a local dental surgery that provides gentle and effective services. Friendly dentists do exist, you just have to find them.

If you need a little more convincing, we are going to outline four definite indicators that you are due for a dental check-up. When experiencing any of the below symptoms, you must contact a popular dentist nearby to you.

1. You are in pain.
It is time to stop pretending that pain does not exist. Sucking on ice or taking painkillers is not a long-term fix for your oral pain. The only way to put an official stop to your sore mouth is by attending a dentist and discovering the cause of the issue.

Regardless of whether you are experiencing oral stabbing pain, throbbing pain, tooth pain or dull pain in the mouth, you must visit a dentist. The best dentists will undertake a thorough examination to identify the issue that is resulting in pain. Depending on what your unique situation is, they will suggest methods to fix the problem. This could include restorative dentistry services, cosmetic dentistry services, or periodontal treatment.

The most common cause of oral pain is usually tooth decay or gum disease. Rest assured, the best dentists can provide solutions to these concerns, such as professional dental cleaning, scaling and root planning, pocket reduction surgery and soft tissue grafts.

Oral pain is not normal. Let us make that clear once and for all.

2. You have stains.
Looking in the mirror and wondering why there is so much yellow? You are not alone. Stained teeth are experienced by thousands of people across Australia. Yellow or discoloured teeth can be caused by too much consumption of coffee, tea, soft drinks, or particular foods. The staining typically happens over an extended time. Technically, staining is a result of pigmented residue building up in the protein that covers the tooth enamel.

If you are concerned or dissatisfied with the stains on your teeth, you can easily seek guidance from a qualified dental surgeon. There are a variety of non-intrusive ways to reduce or eliminate the yellow in your smile. For those who are money-conscious, there are also cheap teeth whitening methods available.

By engaging with a certified dentist, you can be sure that your teeth whitening service will be both effective and safe for your oral health.

3. You are experiencing sensitivity.
It should be every man’s right to be able to enjoy ice cream without feeling the need to screech in pain. Teeth sensitivity is frustrating and overbearing. In most cases, sensitive teeth are caused by the tooth enamel being exposed due to receding gums. Alternatively, it could be due to tooth decay, worn fillings, gum disease, or cracked/damaged teeth.

Fixing teeth sensitivity usually only requires minor procedures from your dentist.  What your dental surgeon recommends will depend on what they discover to be the cause of the issue.

Enjoying hot and cold foods again is as simple as chatting to your local family dentist. Those who are struggling to find an affordable dentist in The Shire should contact The Caringbah Dentists.

4. You have not seen a dentist in more than six months.
This is a red flag. Every person with perfect teeth knows that visiting the dentist regularly is imperative for good oral health.

Check your diary. If you have not seen a dentist in more than six months, you need to make an appointment as soon as possible. Biannual dentist visits and hygiene treatments will ensure healthy gums, stoppage of gum disease, good breath and strong teeth. The benefits of seeing a dentist are extensive, and once you begin regularly booking appointments, you are sure to attest to their value too.

When searching for quality dental surgery, consider modern dentists who provide gentle and cheap oral services. The most popular dentist in Southern Sydney, The Caringbah Dentist, is known for providing gentle dental treatments and applying compassion towards each patient.