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Troubled by a niggling teeth or gum problem that you would like to get checked by a dentist? Drop in for a consultation at The Caringbah Dentists.

General dentistry is the branch of dentistry that evaluates, diagnoses, prevents, and treats oral and dental diseases. Many gum and dental diseases can be identified and treated in the earlier stages provided the patient comes in for regular dental examinations.

The general dentists at The Caringbah Dentists are experienced in evaluating all types of dental issues. Many oral diseases and abnormalities may be an indication of other diseases as well. Our experience general dentists will identify issues that need further investigation, and refer you to other dentists if needed.

There is no problem too big or too small for the professionals at The Caringbah Dentists general dentistry division.

General Dentistry

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Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth usually come in between 17 to 25 years of age. Sometimes when the wisdom tooth erupts, it may come out at an awkward angle that pushes against other teeth and cause pain and swelling in the gum and jaw area. The wisdom tooth may also get impacted and lead to toothache and create an environment for gum diseases and tooth decay.

In many cases, it would help the patient to get the wisdom tooth removed in order to prevent further complications. Wisdom teeth removal is a relatively simple and easy procedure if performed by a trained and experienced dentist.

Learn more about wisdom teeth removal services offered at The Caringbah Dentists.

Crowns and bridges

Dental crowns are used for cosmetic and restorative reasons. In a tooth that may have decayed severely, root canal treatment is usually recommended. After the procedure, the tooth structure will need to be protected with the help of a crown. Sometimes crowns are also used to cosmetically enhance the appearance of a tooth.

Dental bridges are used to fill gaps between the teeth. You may lose teeth due to accidents or diseases, and sometimes you may also need to get them extracted. Dental bridges are used to replace one tooth or several. They look very natural, so nobody will be able to tell that you have some of your natural teeth missing.

Learn more about how crowns and bridges can be used to restore functionality and improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth.

Mouth guards

If you actively engage in sports or suffer from a condition called teeth grinding, you may need to use mouth guards to protect your teeth from wear and tear. With a custom fitted mouthguard, you will be able to prevent damages to be tooth structure and the soft tissues of the mouth.

Find out more about how The Caringbah Dentists can create a perfect custom fitted mouthguard for you.

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