Everything You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth


When you start to feel an ache or pain at the very back of your jaws, there’s no need to panic. If you are a young adult, it is most likely that this discomfort is due to your wisdom teeth coming through. In most cases, wisdom teeth are easy to deal with when you work side-by-side with your dentist near me. Everyone has these teeth problem, so everybody will need to deal with them in their lifetime – You’re not alone!

Wisdom teeth are the final adult teeth to erupt in the mouth. There are four wisdom teeth (third molars), two on the top and two on the lower. Typically, these teeth are wide and flat in shape. You are most likely to notice your third molar appearing around the ages of 18-25.

Regardless of how you perceive your wisdom tooth to be coming through, it is important that you visit your dentist to gain their perspective on the circumstances. The best dentists in Sutherland Shire will be able to conduct X-rays to fully understand what is going on, including any movement that cannot be seen to the naked eye.

Once your dentist in Caringbah has assessed your mouth, they will be able to provide a plan for moving forward. This may involve the removal of your teeth, a hygiene treatment, or regular appointments with your Caringbah dentist.


When do your wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Despite common belief, not all wisdom teeth need to be removed by a dentist Shire. Some people can have their wisdom teeth develop naturally without any concerns, meaning there is no need for surgical removal.

However, there are situations where your bulk billing dentist Caringbah may suggest removal of your third molars. You may need to have your wisdom teeth removed if:

  • They are causing serious pain or discomfort
  • They are pushing your existing teeth into new, unfavourable positions (sideways or crooked)
  • The gum area has become infected while the tooth is breaking through
  • The tooth is crowding your other teeth or causing changes to your bite
  • The tooth is ‘impacted’, meaning there is not enough room for it to break through the gum

The procedure required to remove your third molars will largely depend on where your wisdom teeth are positioned. If they have already broken through the gums, it might be a shorter and simpler procedure for your dentist near me, but impacted teeth could be more challenging to remove.

If you are noticing any changes in your mouth due to wisdom teeth, we highly recommend that you book an appointment with our dental clinic in Caringbah. Our team of highly specialised dentists, including Dr David Reid, Dr Davina Kwong, and Dr Ram, can assess your mouth at your earliest convenience to understand if any action is required.


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