Dr. Eleni Nanitsos

Dr. Eleni Nanitsos

BDent BSc (Hons)

Dr. Eleni Nanitsos is a valued addition to our team at The Caringbah Dentists. With a distinguished educational background and a dedication to excellence, she brings a wealth of expertise to our practice.

Dr. Nanitsos began her journey in the picturesque Sutherland Shire, where she developed a deep connection to the community she now serves. Her academic journey led her to Sydney University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 2003, earning Honours in Biochemistry. In 2007, she achieved another significant milestone by completing her Bachelor of Dentistry.

Throughout her career, Dr. Nanitsos has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to ongoing education. She believes in staying at the forefront of dental technology and techniques, so she regularly attends various courses. This dedication allows her to provide our patients with the highest standard of care.

Dr. Nanitsos has a special interest in endodontics and restorative dentistry, showcasing her exceptional skills in these specialised areas. Her passion, however, extends beyond the technical aspects of dentistry. She is deeply committed to promoting preventive and minimally invasive dentistry, prioritising the long-term oral health of her patients. Dr. Nanitsos takes the time to educate each patient and craft personalised treatment plans, ensuring that the care they receive is tailored to their unique needs.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Dr. Eleni Nanitsos has a deep connection to the Sutherland Shire, having grown up here. She further expanded her horizons by working as a regional dentist in Batemans Bay from 2008 to 2012. During this time, she gained invaluable experience, especially in challenging restorative and endodontic cases, further enhancing her skills.

Dr. Nanitsos has worked in various dental practices in Canberra and Sydney, building strong professional bonds and lasting friendships. She values the relationships she has cultivated throughout her career and continues to stay in touch with colleagues who share her commitment to dental excellence.

Her calm and stress-free approach to dentistry sets patients at ease, and her patience, gentleness, and empathy are qualities that make her especially trusted, particularly with children. Dr. Nanitsos is dedicated to reducing dental phobias in patients of all ages, a testament to her compassionate approach.

Dr. Nanitsos has been serving the Shire community since 2014, where her strong values, honesty, and ethical standards have made her a respected figure in our practice. She is not only a dedicated dentist but also a passionate mother of three children, emphasising the importance of family in her life.

Beyond her professional and family life, Dr. Nanitsos is an adventurous spirit with a love for diverse cuisines. She considers herself an amateur foodie and has been known to shed tears of joy over a delicious meal. She also aspires to self-sufficiency, envisioning a future where she can enjoy meals grown from her own vegetable plot.

We are delighted to have Dr. Eleni Nanitsos as an integral part of our dental team at The Caringbah Dentists. Her exceptional skills, commitment to patient care, and dedication to ongoing learning align perfectly with our mission to provide the exceptional dental care our patients have come to expect.

Oral Hygiene

oral hygiene
Regular checkups are the foundation of good oral hygiene. We’ll let you know about any issues early…so you can avoid discomfort and save time. Your checkup includes cleaning, scaling, X-rays, and a full fluoride treatment.

Replace Missing Teeth

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No one likes having to hide their smile, yet if you’ve got a missing tooth (or teeth) that’s exactly what you might be doing. We have a range of options to give you back your smile.


For some patients, even the thought of a visit to the dentist can cause stress. Fortunately, we have a range of gentle sedation techniques so that you can get the treatment you need without feeling (or remembering) a thing.


If dentures are getting you down, then it might be time to consider implants to give you the smile you want. Remove the anxiety of your teeth falling out at an embarrassing moment, and experience the joy of biting into an apple without fear.


Many studies show that the first thing someone notices about you is your smile. Therefore, making a great first impression can seriously impact your personal and professional life. We have a wide range of cosmetic options to give you the beautiful smile you deserve.


If you drink coffee, tea, red wine, soft drinks (to name a few), chances are your pearly whites are no longer as white as they once were. Fortunately, sparkling, whiter teeth are available to you in one easy treatment. Isn’t it time you had a brighter, whiter smile?


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