Common Issues for Children’s Dental Health

Common issues for childrens dental health

Every parent wants their children to be happy and healthy. As the caregiver of a little one, it’s important to know what to expect when it comes to their oral health. Our dentists, including Dr Davina Kwong, enjoy providing dental advice to parents and specialise in children’s oral health.

In this blog article, we address some of the most common issues for children and how you can avoid them.

Dental decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common problems for young children. As a popular Caringbah Dentist, we often see young patients with decaying teeth. This can be due to poor hygiene, lack of brushing or bad diet choices. Baby teeth are more vulnerable, too.

Unfortunately, some parents believe that good oral hygiene is not important for children because baby teeth eventually fall out anyway. This myth can be very damaging. Good oral hygiene is extremely important for children because it establishes good habits for adulthood and helps your child stay pain-free.

Putting time and effort towards educating young people about the importance of oral hygiene is an investment in their future happiness and prosperity. Our Caringbah Dentists, including Davina Kwong, understand the importance of both treatment and education.

Fractured teeth

When it comes to common oral health problems for children, fractured and broken teeth are second to tooth decay. Because children tend to engage in a lot of physical activity, they are at high risk for breaking or chipping their teeth. When playing, children are also likely to fall over.

If your child chips or breaks their teeth, you must arrange a visit to your dentist Sutherland Shire. With any mouth trauma, there may be resulting problems that are not obvious, so it’s essential that dentist Davina, David Reid, or another member of our team, assesses your child’s teeth to avoid future complications.

Our dentists recommend wearing custom mouthguards to avoid tooth damage if your child frequently plays high-contact sports. dentist Davina can prepare these for you.

Wisdom teeth complications

From their teenage years, young adults may encounter problems with their wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of pain and discomfort when breaking through the gums. They may displace other teeth due to a lack of room and result in wisdom teeth impaction.

In some circumstances, wisdom teeth extraction is necessary when the third molars are causing grief or concern in any way. To find out whether your teenager may need wisdom teeth extraction, you can visit your trusted Caringbah dentist and have a full examination completed. X-rays might be needed in some situations to understand whether the teeth are likely to erupt in a problematic way.

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The best way to avoid dental complications for children is by ensuring they regularly visit their Caringbah dentist for check-ups. As a rule of thumb, kids should visit a dentist once every six months, or twice per year. Contact The Caringbah Dentists on (02) 9525 0595 to book an appointment for your family with Dr Ram, Dr David Reid, Dr Davina Kwong, Dr Rowan, or Dr Roger Lee today.


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