Why Are Your Gums Bleeding?

If you were a vampire, you might like the taste of blood in your mouth. However, as a normal human, any sort of blood is often a worrying sign. Since noticing blood around your teeth and gums, you have probably started to get quite concerned. Our first piece of advice is to take a big,

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9 ways to naturally keep your teeth white

You would be lying if you said you don’t want a bright, white smile. Everybody desires the confidence and happiness that naturally comes with a jaw of sparkly chompers. However, unfortunately, most people experience some form of staining or discolouration on their teeth which leaves them feeling unconfident, dissatisfied and flat-out frustrated. A perfectly white

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How much does it cost to see the dentist?

Our teeth serve many purposes. Not only do they allow us to eat, but they are a central feature of our face and can influence our entire appearance. Considering teeth are so important and impactful, it is surprising that a large number of people do not take the adequate time to care for them. However,

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How to know if your child’s teeth are growing correctly

As a parent, you are constantly monitoring the progress of your child’s growth to ensure that everything is developing correctly. Although some aspects of growth are easy to track, others can be a little more confusing. Dental matters are often complex to understand, and parents can be left unsure as to whether their child’s teeth

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Four ways to improve your smile

In the era of influencers and digital fame, everybody desires a beautiful smile. Having a white, straight grin can hugely impact our lives for the better. Although few of us like to admit that we are shallow, the reality is that appearance can largely impact the way we view others, or the way we are

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Four signs that you need to go to the dentist

Spoiler alert: this article could result in you booking a dental appointment. In order to have reached this page, you have most likely been Googling something like… “How do I fix a tooth ache?” “My mouth is in pain, what should I do? “Why is my mouth sore and how can I stop it?” There

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Can a poor diet be bad for your teeth?

We don’t mean to be the bearers of bad news. We know that chocolate, chips and sweets are delicious. Really. Really. Delicious. However, as experienced dentists, we know that diet is crucial for your oral health. We would be flat out fibbing if we said that your teeth can handle the sugar you crave. Of

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How often should you visit the dentist?

Dentist haters: block your ears. Making an effort to attend your local dentist clinic on a regular basis is important, whether you like to hear it or not. Having ongoing check-ups and hygiene treatments will keep your teeth healthy and pain-free. In most cases, the frequency of your dental visits depends on the nature of

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Six signs that your dentist is too rough

Saying the word dentist is enough to make most people squirm. Something as simple as an oral hygiene check-up can often leave children howling with their arms crossed. Adults are often so frightened from their painful childhood experiences that they do not return for teeth check-ups at all in their later years. Many people in

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