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The Caringbah Dentists Are Moving!

Greetings to all our existing and future clients, We have some very exciting news to announce. The Caringbah Dentists are moving to a new location later this year! We will be transitioning from our existing address at Suite 4B, Level 1, 38 President Ave in Caringbah, to our new address: 172a Willarong Road, Caringbah. We

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How To Keep Your Teeth White

Everyone dreams of perfectly white teeth. For this reason, Dr David Reid and the dental team here at our Shire dentist have make a quick list on how you can keep your teeth white for longer. Avoid sugary foods. Sugar is the main culprit of tooth decay and discolouration and is a real risk as

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5 Questions To Ask Before You Choose A Dentist

1. Does the dentist offer all the services I need now and in the future? When selecting a dentist, it’s important that you consider what services and treatments are offered at their clinic. Even if you don’t think you need certain services, like cosmetic dentistry, children’s dentistry or emergency dentistry, in the near future, they

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How Can You Replace Missing Teeth?

Many of our patients wonder whether it’s important to replace missing teeth. Our dentists Shire recommend that most people replace their missing teeth to ensure there is no further damage to their smile. A gap in your smile can encourage a range of problems to arise. If you don’t replace missing teeth, you may experience:

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10 Facts About Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a fix-all solution to achieve a desirable smile. Dental veneers are a thin, tooth-coloured cap or shell that covers the outside of your existing tooth. All dental veneers are custom designed to suit your unique smile. To ensure the veneers fit perfectly in your mouth, they are custom made to suit the

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How To Manage Tooth Sensitivity

Sharp pains and discomforts while eating cold and hot foods can be extremely frustrating. If you have extremely sensitive teeth, you might also notice this discomfort when eating spicy foods or brushing your teeth. Rather than avoiding food and drink with extreme temperatures, you can take some measures to reduce or eliminate your food sensitivity.

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