9 ways to naturally keep your teeth white


You would be lying if you said you don’t want a bright, white smile. Everybody desires the confidence and happiness that naturally comes with a jaw of sparkly chompers. However, unfortunately, most people experience some form of staining or discolouration on their teeth which leaves them feeling unconfident, dissatisfied and flat-out frustrated.

A perfectly white smile is challenging to obtain and maintain. Even as you’re lying back in the dental chair and gazing into the face of your local dentist, you will realise that even dentists themselves don’t have 100% white rows of teeth.

In saying all of this, it is possible to work towards a shiny smile by using natural and simple methods. Getting an admirable smile does not necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars at a cosmetic surgery – the initial steps to going a few shades whiter can usually be done by yourself, in your own home, without any cost associated.

Being renowned dentists in Southern Sydney, we know a variety of ways you can ensure your smile has a chance of being the whitest around town.

  1. Brushing and flossing twice per day.

This tip should be a given. As we all know, it is highly important to brush, clean and floss your teeth every morning and every night. Not only does this lower your risk of oral cancers, diseases and unhealthy teeth, but it also makes them naturally whiter.

  1. Eating lots of fruit.

There is some evidence to suggest that eating fruit will keep your teeth whiter. In particular, pineapple, papaya and strawberries are known for brightening a smile. Many dentists in The Shire recommend to their clients that they eat a minimum of two fruit serves per day. Don’t go overboard, though. Eating too much acidic fruit can break down the enamel on your teeth overtime.

  1. Avoid unhealthy and dark coloured foods.

Certain types of food and drink (often those that are a dark colour) have a high chance of staining your teeth. Coffee, tobacco, and some forms of tea are renowned for turning teeth yellow. Admittedly, it can be hard for some people to remove these items from their diet entirely, but professional dentists all know that it is important to limit them if you want to achieve a bright smile.

  1. Gargle and mouthwash whenever possible.

Even though you only need to brush your teeth twice a day, you should be conducting a quick mouthwash after every meal. Gargling some bacterial wash after you eat will ensure that all food and junk is removed from the mouth and can’t linger to do damage.

  1. Clean your teeth with baking soda.

Brushing your teeth with baking soda will scrub stains off your teeth and prevent bacteria from growing again. Alternatively, you can purchase toothpaste that has the components of baking soda within it.

  1. Use a safe form of bleach in your mouth.

A very small amount of hydrogen peroxide can remove discolouration from your teeth and gradually improve your smile. Always check with your local family dentist before using any bleaching or whitening products in your mouth. Most bleaching solutions are extremely unsafe to be utilised on teeth, and you can get into serious harm if you use them without consulting your dental clinic in Sydney.

  1. Drink through a straw.

Drinking through a straw means that the liquid is directed straight to your throat, bypassing your vulnerable teeth. Your teeth will not get stained in the process. As you may have heard, plastic straws are being scrutinised for their damaging effect on the environment, however you can still purchase metal or cardboard straws and get the same positive impact.

  1. Favour calcium in your day-to-day diet.

In health class at high school, you probably found out that calcium is critical for teeth and bone strength. Science doesn’t lie. Eating calcium-rich foods, such as cheese, milk and broccoli, will strengthen your teeth and give them the greatest chance to fight bacteria. As these foods are generally light in colour, they also don’t have a high chance of staining your teeth.

  1. Professional cosmetic teeth whitening.

If natural methods aren’t giving you the results you desire in regards to whitening teeth, you can ask your trusted dental clinic for advice in regards to cosmetic teeth whitening. There are cheap dentists in The Shire that can offer effective and non-intrusive teeth whitening for affordable prices. Cosmetic dentistry at the Caringbah Dentist involves safely restoring the functionality and appearance of your teeth and gums. During the whitening procedure, the dentist will use special bleach solutions and a special UV light to eventually bring your teeth up to ten shades whiter.

If you would like more information on natural or professional teeth whitening methods, you can contact one of our friendly and gentle dental team on (02) 9525 0595.


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