6 Common Tooth/Gum Problems & What To Do If They Happen To You


When there are changes or unexpected pains in our mouth, it can be difficult to interpret what is going on and whether you need to see a dentist. Our dentists in Caringbah always recommend booking an emergency appointment or regular check-up if you notice dramatic changes to your oral health. It’s our pleasure to assess your situation, ease your anxieties, and provide accurate and detailed advice to solve the problem.

Below are six common problems that you may be faced with, and our advice for the best course of action moving forward. To book an appointment with David Reid or one of our bulk billing dentist Caringbah, contact our dentist Sutherland Shire on (02) 9525 0595.

  1. Bleeding gums.

In almost all cases, bleeding gums is a sign of gum disease (such as gingivitis). When recognised and treated in its earliest phase, gum disease can be reversible. You should arrange a dental examination and hygiene treatment at your dentist in the Shire to confirm whether it is gum disease, what stage your gum disease is, and what the recommended treatment method is. Your Caringbah dentist is likely to advise more frequent and focused dental hygiene practices, plus ongoing monitoring of the situation.

  1. Tooth pain.

You may experience tooth pain as a result of several reasons, including infection, injury and gum disease. The cause and origin of tooth pain is often difficult to interpret, meaning you should consult with a dentist near me to get professional advice.

  1. Ache in the rear of your mouth.

Pain and aching in the rear section of your mouth could be an indication that your wisdom teeth are erupting. If you are in your early adulthood or adolescence, this is a normal time for your wisdom teeth to be making an appearance. It is best that you book an appointment with your dentist near me so they can assess your mouth and decide whether your wisdom teeth need to be removed. It may be necessary for them to conduct X-rays.

  1. Chipped tooth.

A chipped or broken tooth can lead to infection, further damage, tooth loss, and other problems. To avoid future damage and injury, you might like to get a custom-made mouthguard from your dentist near me. This can be worn during high contact sports to protect and safeguard your smile. Repairing and fixing your smile after it has received damage may be possible with a cosmetic dentist Caringbah.

  1. Sensitive teeth.

If you notice sensitivity or pain when eating acidic or cold foods, your dentist near me may suggest that you use specific toothpastes or engage in certain oral hygiene practices to strengthen your enamel.

  1. Yellow or grey teeth.

Over time, you may notice that your teeth are changing colour and becoming stained. There are natural ways you can reduce future teeth staining, such as limiting coffee and tobacco from your diet and lifestyle. There are also quicker and faster ways to achieve whiter teeth, such as cosmetic dentistry and professional teeth whitening at your Caringbah dentist clinic.


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